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Hospitality Chairs


Industry suppliers of Chairs for Hospitality Cafes, Restaurant, Pubs, Clubs And Residential Dining. Resin Wicker weave, Timber, Upholstered, UV Stabilized injection molded resin outdoor seating durable and stackable designs. Hospitality Seating in Bundall Cafe chairs  in Brisbane City Commercial Elements in Bundall

Timeless Designs


Furniture designs that are traditional and timeless. Strength, quality and comfort are just as important as what it looks like. So we bring designs to market that will last the test of time and are practical within a commercial environment. If your looking for dining chairs for residential projects to compliment your custom table browse through our online catalogue and give us a call. Most of our seating range is available for delivery within a couple of days and ready to promptly Despatch.

Maximise Your Seating Capacity

 Cafe chairs, bar stools for dining experiences commercial and residential. Timber Bentwood Designs.

Space Planning- when you are planning the fitout of a hospitality venue it is important to consider the market that you will be serving and it’s financial return for your budget. For instance if you are providing   a fine dining experience, patrons will be paying more money and will want to sit comfortably for longer. They will need comfortable seating and larger tables for more cutlery, more courses, more plates and beverages. Cafe or Foodcourt dining compact to fit more people into the area and practical easy to clean seating is the way to go. Do you need to pack the furniture away each night when you close? If so durable, stackable seating which is leightweight and easy to manage is the most important. If you are needing assistlance to decide any of these things, please ask as we are here to help.

Public Seating Venues and Office Furniture


When your sitting at the Local RSL, Surf Club, Accountants or Doctors office have you ever considered where the seating may come from? We supply to a large part of the wider community to venues such as Churches, Galleries, Libary’s, Concert Halls, School Auditorium, Classroom Seating and Major Government Project’s.